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Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece?

One Piece, by a pretty big margin! I’m really behind on it and only read the manga, but yeah, Oda’s characters and art are really something one-of-a-kind, for a Jump title and in general as well. One Piece hits cute, funny, and touching moments just right.

I couldn’t get into Naruto (the ninjas thing mainly? Read the first few volumes through a friend and was like “naahh” - I can’t seem to invest any interest in stories centered around it tbh) and have never much liked Bleach, aside from some of the “rukia got kidnapped o no” episodes/chapters.


CAROL - OVA - March 21, 1990

Okay, so I just finished this. Let’s talk about it

In 1988, the popular pop/rock boy band TM Network came up with their latest album “CAROL -A Day In A Girl’s Life 1991-“ 

This album had a particular motif that told a story of Carol, a girl who is whisked away to a strange world and is the key to destroying a monster who will destroy the world’s music. Carol is aided by three handsome men, Tico, Clark and Flash in her journey.

From there, the album spawned a stage musical, novels, manga and today’s subject: the 1990 OVA 

Is it magical girl?: I say no, since it pretty much falls in the same category of Fushigi Yuugi. Carol doesn’t really have any magical powers. The climax is her glowing and chanting while her boy band friends play music. Maybe its just the setting and an affinity for popular male musicians, but it actually it reminds me a lot of the movie Labyrinth. 

Pros: Its just the kindof OVA I like, a short and sweet fantasy adventure with all that 80s/90s goodness. Bonus points for having designs by Yun Kouga too. TM Network’s music (that is throughout the film) is easy on the ears.

Cons: Carol is a frustratingly selfish main character. Scenes and story aren’t very developed and will just cut out and move to the next thing and assume you just saw (or WILL see) the details in the musical. Takashi Utsunomiya, who is the lead vocalist for TMN & the voice for love interest/lead bishonen Flash cannot voice act very well. (Just sayin).

Unfortunately, I find the development back story of CAROL to be more interesting than watching the actual OVA…

Other Notes: Clips and songs from the original album are floating around on youtube. This was the most comprehensive list I could find

The OVA I watched with Russian subs, so I probably missed some details, but if you’ve seen enough fantasy anime you can probably get by. I did find a download for some English subs, but the link was broken - so you can get it with a little more searching effort.


Galaxy Express 999: Prayer for the Dead

-attempts to digital art-


-attempts to digital art-

Seatbelts / Yoko Kanno - Poor Faye (High Socks/Lip Cream)
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Poor Faye (High Socks/Lip Cream- Cowboy Bebop

You know this tune?

Well, I’ll be damned. I knew there was a Southern Cross album in the DIGITAL TRIP releases, but I had no clue any of it actually existed on the internet (or that it was arranged by Shouji Osamu, whose music I really love). I don’t know WHERE it exists since I can’t find it anywhere though ;(

But yeah, this is a great arrangement of Zor’s Tradition, a song that often accompanies Musica and her sisters when they appear. <3