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Shunsuke Kikuchi - Gekitotsu!! 100oku Power no Senshi tachi


「落書き」/「Werkbau」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail


The dark humor isn’t necessarily intentional; it’s how Yamcha died from such a simple oversight, and his rather impotent-looking pose upon death (which is sort of a mess up on Toriyama’s art which made the scene a little narmy IMO)

Yeah, see, it’s not an oversight and I felt like that’s really clear in watching the actual scene. Tenshinhan already defeated one and then Vegeta blew it to pieces for being weak. Yamucha had every reason to believe his Saibaiman was done for, since even Nappa believes so too. They’re not the kind of fighters who mercilessly beat on an enemy until they’re dead, not at this point nor honestly at any time in the series to come later (EVEN WHEN THEY SHOULD BE, i.e., Cell). Yamucha doesn’t have a moment to react beyond “huh?” before it traps and kills him, and that’s abundantly clear. Under threat of death, the Saibaimen are willing to even kill themselves to win, which is still supposed to be shocking to a reader/viewer.

The position his body ends up in is supposed to increase how sad and sudden his death is there - since had no way to react or fight back. I’ve never once read his pose as impotent there, and I don’t think it’s inherent in the scene either, but now it’s the default reading because of the jokes. If that were anyone else lying there like that, it would be fucking tragic, but because it’s Yamucha, no one gives a shit.

I find the way he died to be full of black humor, but not the actual death itself. I don’t know how someone could find Chaozu and Tenshinhan’s deaths funny without removing context, though.

I ask very seriously: how is the actual scene, not a shitty dub or an abridged version of it, humorous even in a sort of “dark humor” way? There *is* a lot of dark humor in DB/Z, yeah, but that’s one scene that never struck me as anything less than 100% serious and genuine in how it’s playing out. Vegeta and Nappa are treating it like a game more or less, but that to me doesn’t translate to dark humor.

What is your interpretation of the Yamcha death in the Saiyan arc? A lot of people claim he was protecting Kuririn, but Kuririn just kills them with ease. I'm not Anti-Yamcha or anyhthing, but jeez, talk about a bad way too die. Shame on you Toriyama.

I never saw it exactly as Yamucha “protecting” Kuririn, but that comment was more survivor’s guilt on the latter’s behalf. Still, Yamucha definitely was being *cautious* in going ~just in case~ since he hadn’t yet died, and I liked that small moment for him, being a sort of throwback to his days of being the most clear-headed, quick thinking character in the show. His death was supposed to be shocking: emotionally of course, but also because as far as the actual fandom/viewership that was following the story while it aired, he was a fan-favorite character and not regarded as a weakling/waste of space. That stretch of show is harder for me to watch than probably any other (in Z, anyway). I will always hate the jokes that his death, as well as Chaozu’s and Tenshinhan’s, have turned into. The fandom is eaten alive with memes and other garbage in general, but those jokes are most tasteless as far as I’m concerned, since everyone goes BAW over Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta, but lmao fuckin’ loser ass earthlings ded that’s comedy gold.


my favorite page on the animal crossing wiki because its really specific


my favorite page on the animal crossing wiki because its really specific


A silent yet important marriage of the two most known characters in Macross, taking the Max/Millia wedding as the main base.

A tragic day for Lynn Minmay. As her rejection from Hikaru grew deeper she was forced to live with it, rather than avenging him.

Responding her aching heart was a major reason, left to rot after losing Riber and her parents in her teenage years. After her heart’s union, her endlessly growing personal void was closed shut for good, and her heart was sweetened with the arrival of Miku Ichijo, from her womb aboard the Megaroad-01

And the sole video footage of “her whitest day”

this is a bad post because it has nothing to do with either of the two endings we got for Hikaru, Minmay, & Misa—adaptation really, really matters; stop patchworking together shit across versions

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